CHARLES & KEITH is partnering with ThredUp to reduce our impact on the planet by giving pre-loved clothing and accessories a second life! With our RE-Purpose programme you can clean out your closet of gently used fashion pieces to ThredUp to earn CHARLES & KEITH credit.

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Drop in quality pre-loved items from any brand. Please check your shipping label for drop-off location: UPS or FedEx/USPS.


Get Charles & Keith Credit*

Earn Charles & Keith credit for eligible items that sell in the listing window. See payout timeline.

The ultimate reselling guide

Must-read quality checklist

Please check every single item before packing!

  • quality acceptance icon

    Ensure that you ONLY send clean and freshly laundered items

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    Check hidden spots for wear and tear: behind the neck, under the arms, crotch area

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    Remove all personal items from pockets and handbags

In-demand designer items that are in good but not excellent condition might be accepted, but they MUST be clean and freshly laundered

What we can’t resell

Quality is the #1 reason items are not accepted for resale.

  • what we can't resell icon

    Items with wear and tear

    No pilling, fading, shrinkage, stains, odors

  • what we can't resell icon

    Damaged or altered items

    No rips, holes, missing parts, broken zippers, altered hems, missing labels

  • what we can't resell icon

    Banned categories

    No men’s, PJs, intimates, jewelry, formal gowns, non-apparel items, counterfeit items

  • what we can't resell icon

    Items that don’t have a size

    Accessories are an exception, as are some highly sought-after brands like Lululemon

Payout examples

For eligible brands, payouts are 3%-80% of the sell price. Some value brands are ineligible. See payout percentages.

Bonus! For a limited time, earn an extra 10% in Charles & Keith shopping credit.

Brand Estimated EarningsWith Bonus Credit
Old Navy Dress

Gap Jeans

16% of sell price


J.Crew Sweater

21% of sell price


Reformation Dress

49% of sell price


Céline Bag

80% of sell price



45 day consignment timeline

Send in popular brands our thrifters know and love. Ensure items are in excellent condition. Only send clean and freshly laundered items. Don’t send items from our banned categories list: men’s, PJs, intimates, jewelry, formal gowns, non-apparel items, counterfeit items.

Please see our complete list of ineligible brands here.

Visit the Clean Out tracker for details about your kit.

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